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An Adventure everyday   Where Learning is Serious Fun   A Place to Explore, Imagine and Play

Our Reason for Been

Conquerors is a Nursery school that was started to give our children the best possible education in a quiet and relaxed environment.

We accept Children from 3 months To Grade RR

We are open from 06:30-17:30.

Our fees include all meals throughout the day.

C-By CARING we can help everyone around us feel loved

O-We encourage OUTSIDE PLAY by offering 4 large separated outside play areas

N-We aim to NURTURE every little one as if they were our own

Q-We use QUALITY learning through playful techniques

U-By allowing every child to grow and develope in their own UNIQUE way

E-By EMPOWERING our little ones to dream big and be whatever they want to be

R-By showing our little ones that RESPONSIBILITIES are necessary and can be fun too

O-By creating OPPORTUNITIES to make lifelong memories

R-To RESPECT ourselves, our parents, our teachers, and our friends

S-We believe in SECOND CHANCES – it’s okay to make mistakes if we learn from them

To conquer the world, one child at a time in a safe and positive environment, by preparing each
child for their own successful future.

To create and move towards the future we need to constantly remind ourselves of the fact that
we are working with the soul, heart, mind and future of a child. Without our own core-values no
vision can become a reality. By following and establishing and educating our students, we as
part of the Conquerors family need to eat, drink, live and stay true to what we as a Conquering
family believes.

Our Curriculum

Practical Life

The purpose of the practical life activities is to develop motor control and coordination, and develops independence, concentration and responsibility.


The purpose of sensorial activities is to aid in the development of the intellectual senses of the child.


Conquerors promoted the belief that math in the early years prepares a child for logical and critical thinking, not for memorizing mathematical and critical facts.


The purpose of the language materials is to give children ways to describe and to interact with their environment.

Cultural Studies

The Conquerors cultural studies offer each pre-school child the opportunity to “travel” and explore the world from within the classroom.


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